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  On-Air Personalities

Leon Hunt and Joanne Warner with "Elvis"



APRIL 13, 2007

Leon and Valerie Hunt

Leon and Valerie Hunt are the owners of KIVY 92.7 FM and 1290 AM.  They have owned the station for over ten years. They also own a station in Madisonville and recently own 2 stations in Louisiana.
 Leon can be reached at KIVY at (936) 544-2171.

Joanne Warner

Joanne Warner has been working at KIVY for about ten years.  She is a morning show personality and she hosts the “Swap Shop.”  Joanne's other responsibilities include doing remotes, sales, and keeping the office lively.  Joanne can be reached at (936) 544-2171 or e-mail her at

Kristina Waldrep

Kristina Waldrep

Kristina Waldrep is the traffic and accounting manager for KIVY, KMVL, KTKC and KJVC Radio, and she also does some sales.  You can even hear her on the the "Swap Shop"!  She has been working at KIVY for over 5  years and loves her job! Kristina can be reached anytime from 8 am to 3pm, Monday- Friday at (936) 544-2171 or email her at

Vince Astramovich

Vince has been working at KIVY since 2000.  His job description includes production programming, the noon news broadcasting, the five o’clock news broadcast, and a little of everything else.  He enjoys working in radio production. If you’d like to reach him, you can call the station at (936) 544-2171 between 10 am and 5 pm Monday thru Friday.

Craig Reed

Craig Reed

Craig Reed has worked for KIVY for 12 years and  has recently started doing his Classic Country on Saturday nights. He still hosts the Classic Cruisers the second Saturday of each month on the square. He has worked at the barber shop next to the station for the past forty years. 

Todd English

Todd English was one of the hosts of the Friday Night Scoreboard Show during football season.  Todd and Josh Bobbitt currently do the "Play by Play" for the Kennard basketball games.  Tune into 92.7 FM or 1290 AM on game nights to hear Josh Bobbitt.

(Picture not shown)

(Picture not shown)

Josh Bobbitt

Josh Bobbitt was one of the hosts of the Friday Night Scoreboard Show during football season.  Josh and Todd English currently do the "Play by Play" for the Kennard basketball games.  Tune into 92.7 FM or 1290 AM on game nights to hear Josh Bobbitt.

Rusty Shaw

Rusty is the sports broadcaster for KIVY and KMVL radio.  He can be heard at 7:30 am, 12:00 pm, and 5:00 pm with the local sports around Crockett.  He'll also tell you about the games that KIVY will be broadcasting on game nights.  Tune into 92.7 FM to hear his report.


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Larry Shipley

Larry has an on-air rapport with his listeners that just can't be beat, and is a true character on the air. In addition to many years in radio, Larry has done syndicated television work including play-by-play sports and a wrestling show for ESPN. Larry loves to get involved in promotional activities and contests and if he could, he might just give away the station license! Larry has a niece beautiful enough to be a model and smart enough to attend MIT, where she is and has a full scholarship. Larry readily admits she doesn't share Larry's gene pool.

Penny Mitchell

Penny's first gig 25+ years ago was in Country radio and she is thrilled to still be working, "The best format today. PERIOD." She loves working the phones and getting listeners involved with the action on the air. Her daily feature, "My Three Songs" has a huge fan base; past attempts to replace it with another contest have been met with howls of protest. She loves interviewing Country artists, and feels very blessed to have interviewed many of the very biggest. Penny was once tapped to chauffeur Billy Dean around for five hours straight and would like it to be acknowledged that she didn't kidnap him.

Tad Svendsen

Tad Svendsen is the Afternoon Host. We'll get his profile and picture up here soon!

Bill Saul

Bill single-handedly dishes out a great morning show... it just happens to run in the overnight hours. His show includes the "New Country Record Review" where listeners rate the latest Country music releases, "Overnight Scoreboard" providing the most up-to-date sports scores available and fun features like "Stupid Criminal Tricks". He has loyal fans all over the country who make it through the overnight hours with Bill's help.